Dessie Smith Prescott

Dessie Smith Prescott, local legend and 1999 inductee into Florida Women’s Hall of Fame, takes 2 Canadian newsmen on a trip through the hammock. Her invention of putting a raincoat over the radiator while crossing streams to keep the jeep from stalling was unique. Dessie conducted hunting and fishing trips from her River Lodge which was located on the north side of Foss Grove Path and Hwy 19. Dessie also taught author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (Cross Creek) how to live off the land. Dessie could out hunt and fish most men in her time. Up until her passing in 2002 Dessie delighted in retelling all her stories in the wilds of Florida, much which took place right here in Inglis. You can visit the Dessie Smith Prescott Recreation Park, dedicated to her on the Greenways and Trails off Hwy 19 south of the barge canal, to Cornflower, to Riverwood, to the park on Lake Rousseau.

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