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Freedom Festival 2008  - Continued from page 1
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otic casual attire and answered questions about their favorite foods, colors and pets. Win-
ners were: 0-2 age category - Ashton Lynette Skye Arnold and David Cummings; 3-5 age
category - Hannah Long and Colby Bennett; and 6-8 age category - Jaden VanHorn and Willy
Baker. Winners received a prize and each contestant was given a bag of goodies.
At 2:00 p.m., many contestants ate way too many hotdogs in a Hot Dog Eating
Competition in two categories, 12 & under and 13 & older.
The greased pole climbs were popular activities during the afternoon. The adult
greased pole climb was won early in the afternoon by Josh Clark, who climbed the pole alone,
not using the assistance of other climbers as usually seen in past years, so he did not have
to split the $100 prize money he retrieved from the top of the pole. Juan Ramirez, who has been
among the group of winners in the adult climb for the past two years, instead of competing
this year, assisted the children on the childrens' pole climb, as did many other adults and
"Haven was not only there to care for the
older children. Ramirez explained his secret for removing the greasy film - several days of
family, but to make sure that my stepfather
scrubbing with Dawn dishwashing soap! Various combinations of children struggled for
several hours during the afternoon to take the $50 prize money from the top of the childrens'
had everything he needed. I didn't have
greased pole. Twice, children were able to reach the money, but needed just an inch or two
the answers for what my mother was going
more of a boost to be able to grab the bag of money from the pole. Later in the afternoon, a
through...but Haven did. They comforted
group of five finally managed to get the money off the pole, and the children went off in
us in ways that only someone who has been
pursuit of other activities.
there can."
When the park cooled-off in the late afternoon, the crowd thickened as more attend-
­ Kevin Thomas
ees arrived to view the fireworks display. According to Mayor Risher, the fireworks had been
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promised at a minimum of thirty minutes, and the spectacular display lasted even longer and
included exactly 7444 shots, some alone and others in groups of two, three and more. Some
of the fireworks had been brought in from Italy. Many onlookers stated that the display was
more spectacular than any they'd ever seen, even in large metropolitan areas such as New
York City. Robin Russell of Port Richey, Florida, attended her second Freedom Fest this year
and said the hour-and-a-half drive from her house to Inglis was much faster and more pleas-
ant than the congested three-hour drive from her house to the St. Petersburg displays, so
she'll be a regular Fredom Fest attendee in the future and will spread the word to friends in her
Mayor Risher calculated that her work on the Freedom Fest takes a minimum of
When it comes to hospice care, you have a choice. Choose the one
three months' time, each year, "Lots of work," she stressed, but the results are well worth her
that provides the most comprehensive, compassionate care.
effort. Risher, with the assistance of a committee, plans the event and collects donations from
various individuals and businesses in the area. "I was very proud of the 12th annual Freedom
Fest," she said. "People were nice and the kids had fun. It was an awesome day. I think it went
great. I was very pleased."
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Risher said she'd like to offer the children additonal events, similar to Freedom Fest,
to attend during the year. She said the park is open to clubs who would like to host events
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there, as well. For information regarding the park's availability for special events, please
contact Inglis Town Hall at (352) 447-2203. Photos of the event are on page 12.
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Inglis Woman Arrested on Child Neglect Charge
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On July 5th, 2008, the Inglis Police Department arrested Jean Meadows of Inglis on
charges of Child Neglect. According to the arrest report, Sergeant Brandon Roberts and
Officer Tim Letson, were patrolling the parking lot of the Hickory Island Lounge when they
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spotted a person inside a vehicle. When they approached the vehicle they immediately
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determined the person was a young child.
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Roberts made first contact with the child, but quickly realized she spoke no English.
Letson, who speaks limited Spanish, spoke with the child and discovered her babysitter was
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Enviro Group of Florida
inside the bar. At that time, Officers Will Pease, Al Gerogiannis, and Andrew Difranco arrived
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on scene. Roberts and Letson entered the bar where Letson stopped the band and used the
Tom Robinson
house PA system to locate the child's caregiver. Mrs. Meadows followed officers outside
where she told them she had only been there for 10 minutes. Officers later discovered from
witnesses that she had been there anywhere between 2 and 3 hours consuming alcohol while
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the child remained in the vehicle crying.
Officer Gerogiannis, who speaks fluent Spanish, spoke with the child who informed him
that she was 9 years old and had been left in the car for at least an hour.
Mrs. Meadows was transported to the Levy County Jail on Felony charges and the child
ROUSSEAU. Building is in great condition with
was released to the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Family Services until
partitionedd office area, commercial concrete, 20
her parents could be located.
ft. ceiling, 16 X 16 door and newer upgraded heavy
Bubba's Fin & Feather
industrial electric service and wiring. Lots of room
to expand. Bldg. fronts Michigan Ave. & prop-
erty extends to Karen St. and Hwy.
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